Mizmaar releases devotional song Dur on “World Music Day”


Mizmaar Dur

Mizmaar celebrated World Music Day on 21st June’15 with the release of a new track called Dur.

A devotional song, Dur is about longing for a never ending bond continuing on from this life to the next. The song’s lyrics have been penned by poet and lyricist ‘Khalish’. The song was one of the first few songs Mizmaar began recording for their upcoming album and carries a message of love and peace from Mizmaar.

Speaking about the theme of Dur, front man Kashan Admani said “There is too much hatred and misery around us and maybe it’s time to open a window of love, peace and acceptance in our hearts.

Dur can be heard on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/mizmaar/dur-mizmaar and can be downloaded from Mizmaar’s official website at www.mizmaaronline.com

Dur will be closely followed by the release of Mizmaar’s second music video, which the band has confirmed is going to be a very exciting collaboration.

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