“I’m here to share love,” Atif Aslam says in India


Atif Aslam

The organisers of Atif Aslam’s concert in Indian city Puna had cancelled his show after receiving threats from Indian extremist party Shiv Sena last week. But now, Pakistani artist Atif Aslam, in a press meeting in India, has said that he has no complaints against anyone and that he loves his fans and likes being in India. The singer is all ready to perform in Indore for the first time on Sunday.

“I respect all the promoters (of events) who invite us. But it is the responsibility of organisers. I love my fans and I like being in India. I’m a musician. I make music for everyone. I don’t categorise (anyone) into Hindus or Muslims,” Atif Aslam, as reported by an Indian news agency in Express Tribune.

“When it comes to music, there are no boundaries. I’m here to share love. I’m not doing anything wrong. Whatever I earn, I make sure to pay taxes,” Aslam told reporters here prior to his performance in Indore.

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“If you come to my country, you will see that there is lot of respect for Lataji (Mangeshkar). People still listen to Rafi-ji’s songs and people try to copy Kishore Kumar. Even Bollywood dance steps are followed by Pakistanis,” said Aslam.

“It feels good to be back here. People have appreciated (my work) and called me back here. This time around, I’ll be performing different kind of music – EDM (electronic dance music). It’s not my kind of music. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I will perform with a DJ. My band won’t be there. I’ll miss that. It will be completely electronic music, but I might do some unplugged songs,” added Aslam.


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