The Sketches – Neend Ki Naaiya (Music Video/Download Mp3)



Band: The Sketches
Song: Neend Ki Naaiya (Mudita)


Language: Hindi/Urdu
Vocals: Saif Samejo
Poet: Sardar Shah
Piano: Nomi Ali
Guitar Acoustic: Atif Kalyar
Tabla: Ustad Sadiq
Shaker: Asad Raza
Bass: Owais Shaikh
Master: Jono Manson


D.P: Faraz Alam
Asst: Arshmaan Alee
Post: Mir Amir
Tech Supp: Qaddafi Shalimar
Recorded at: Lahooti Music Aashram (Jamshoro)
Created & Produced by: THE SKETCHES (
© 2013 THE SKETCHES | All Rights Reserved

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“A dream, In a little boat of sleep
Who sails me to the other world.
The world, so faraway….
I hold the mane of wind to gently sail to your doors
Carrying the bowl of the moon with love in it.
After you drink from the bowl, I sail back
I decorate the walls of heart with the garlands of your breath
That sails me to the otherworld,
The world so faraway….
Let me weave the rainbeads on my ankle
And dance like monsoon
Let me break all walls of separation
And dance into oblivion
Let me fill the poison on my each cell
And dance like the lovelorn nagin.
Some yogi has come to this wilderness
playing the tune so melodious
Sailing me to the otherworld,
The world so faraway (Translation; Bhushita)

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