Young Stunners Ft. Abdullah Malik – Tu Ne Mere Jana (Audio/Lyrics)



Talha Anjum from Young Stunners featuring Abdullah Malik made a remake of Tu Ne Mere Jana

Artists: Young Stunners (Talha Anjum) Ft. Abdullah Malik
Song: Tu Ne Mere Jana
Music: Talha Anjum
YS Studio & Productions 2015

Take a listen to the song below:

Tu Ne Mere Jaana *Lyrics*

Verse 1: Jab se, faaslay barhay, hum roye laray, hum jaagay, na soye, hum dur dur thay kharay,

Ego baray, dil chotay, jaise sikkay ho khotay, Jo khuaab neend ko chor ke gaye tou wapas wo na lautay,

Aaj, kya hai tere mere pass, tere mere halaat bhi hasaas, saza lagti hai har saans, har saans ke saath barhay ehsaas,

Kuch khaas baat hai tujh mein jo baaki larkiyo mein dikhti nai, Kyun ke koi aur meri liye magazines mein likhti nai,

Mujhay pata hai mein dunya ke liye hu sirf aik rapper, Aaj mein hu tou kal koi aur hoga mojood meri jaga par,

Par dil mein tere meri jaga rahay gi maqsoos, Loug sirf suntay hain mujhay sirf tu karti hai mehsoos,

Zindagi baaki hai kum, aur ye hai rab ke hukum, ke tu aur mein nahi ho payein ge kabhi bhi hum,
Meri majboori ko magroori mat samjho jaana, Zindagi yehi tou hai, anaa aur chalay jaana,

Chorus: Tu ne mere jaana, Kabhi nahi jaana, Ishq mera dard mera, ashiq tera bheer mein khoya, jaaga na soya, Oh jaana

Verse 2: Staring out the window pane waiting for a better day,
Though its been years it seems like yesterday,
Cold nights, Hand in hand,
Paradise, No human land,
I’m feeling down with a sickness and i feel so done,
Can’t even believe that its really all gone,
Gone miles with the wind,
Even if i wish it back, Won’t bring it back again,

Girl I can see it in your eyes that you’re scared,
When the hell was coming down you were unprepared,
I needed the deck of aces I was unaware,
Its the coldest of truths we breath in the same air,
I played and I saw you scatter,
Now I can not believe that I had her,
I had the love that wouldn’t come to me if I had to
Walk a thousand miles but I fucked up,
Now I’m cuffed up reminiscing old times,
Putting my head in your lap under the cold pines,
Who knew I was planting them land mines,
And you stepped on’em,
You were probing no signs,
Oh my !
Now I hate myself when I think,
I could’ve been the one to put the diamond ring in your finger,
But see the love wasn’t a fucking thing to me now sssshhh let this titanic sink,

Bridge: Mein sab se puchu ke tumko mein yaad ata hu kab kab? Wo hans kar kehtay bas masroof na ho jab jab,

Aur phir wo mujhse puchein ke mujhko tum, yaad atay ho kab kab? Mein hans kar kehta bas.. Saans leta hu jab jab.

Chorus: Tu ne mere jaana, Kabhi nahi jaana, Ishq mera dard mera, ashiq tera bheer mein khoya, jaaga na soya, Oh jaana

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