The Sketches – Bol Pakhee (Outdoor Acoustic Version) – Video/Download Mp3



Band: The Sketches
Song: Bol Pakhee
Vocalist: Saif Samejo
Poetry: Sachal Sarmast
Language: Siraiki
DP: Faraz Alam
Asst: Arshmaan Alee
Tech Supp: Qaddafi
Post: Mir Ameer
Produced by: The Sketches
Recorded Live : Lahooti Studios Jamshoro, Sindh

I used to listen this song when i was a child and in Sufi Mehfil ‘Motan used to sing this poetry and may be it was sung before my birth, we tried to sing the same poetry with a faith that i will be admired by the youth today and message of Sachal Sarmast will reaches to million hearts who listen to The Sketches & love – Saif Samejo


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