Ali Zafar, Mehwish Hayat and Ahsan Khan Performed at Rivo Mobile Launch (Exclusive Videos / Pictures)


Ali Zafar Rivo Mobile Launch

Pakistani prince of pop Ali Zafar recently gave a Live Performance at a grand event organized in Expo Centre Lahore. The event also featured dance performances by Mehwish Hayat and Ahsan Khan, and a fashion show by Ali Xeeshan.

On 15th February 2015, Expo centre attracted audience of some 1300 mobile distributors, who had come from all across Pakistan, to attend the Advance Telecom Partner Convention 2014-15. To entertain them, JBnJaws Productions had organized a grand event that featured live orchestra band, a fashion show, dance performances, comedy skit and to wrap it up, a LIVE concert.

The first phase of the 10 hour long event was hosted by Ahmad Ali Butt and Sidra Iqbal. The grand event started at around 4 PM with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by the speeches of Company executives of Advance Telecom. Soon after it, the event unveiled the product logo which was of Rivo Mobile, a new mobile company launched in Pakistan Market. The hosts then invited the Orchestra band(led by Ustaad Baqir Abbas) to come on stage & mesmerize the audience with the original signature tune of Rivo Mobile.

The clock ticked 6 PM and the hosts asked the audience to move to hall 2 for a hi-tea break.

After half an hour, the event hall was once again filled with thousand of people. The time was for showcasing the newly launched mobile phones and for this a complete fashion catwalk was organized in association with fashion desinger Ali Xeeshan. Soon enough, the stage flooded with several Pakistani fashion models walking on the stage and displaying the new Rivo mobile phones. The show stoppers for this fashion show were Ahsan Khan and Filmstar Noor.

The event continued with awards & cash prizes given to mobile distributors and entertainment performances were embedded within, so to avoid any boredom and to keep the audience engaged.

Now was the time to another power pack performance and to announce this, the new hosts of the evening, Faizan ul Haq and Sophie Anjum, called on stage the dancing sensation Mehwish Hayat along with Ahsan Khan. Both the stars performed on random dance numbers & made everyone stand on their toes & seats. You can watch the video below:

It was 10 PM now and everyone was feeling a bit tired & hungry. The hosts then announced a dinner break & asked everyone to move to Hall # 2 for the dinner. While the audience had moved to another hall, this was time to setup equipment for the biggest music performance of the night. Ali Zafar was the highlight and the mega star of the night & he had come to wrap up the event on a high note. He started with the folk song “Yaar daadi Ishq Aatish” and ended the show with his Bollywood number “Madhubala”.

Watch Exclusive Bits from Ali Zafar’s Live performance below:

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