Naseer & Shahab – Za Sta Pasha Mayam (Coke Studio Season 7 Episode 7 – Audio/Video/Lyrics)



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Artist: Naseer & Shahab
Song: Za Sta Pasha Mayam
Produced by Strings
Guest Musician:
Faraz Anwar (Lead guitar)

Pop Rock, Pashto

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Song Info:

When Naseer and Shahab first released Za Sta Pashan Na Yam, the song took Pakistan by storm. Although several musicians had released well-received versions of pop and rock songs sung in Pushto, this was perhaps the first to crossover into the mainstream. The remarkably catchy chorus, which translates into “I am not like you”, is a rejoinder to those obsessed with material gains and advantages. The lyrics continuously re-affirm the ability to love as being the one thing that what sets us apart from those chasing shallow pursuits. The song’s original had a stadium-rock feel to them, and the Coke Studio version seeks to amplify that with the inclusion of legendary guitarist Faraz Anwar. The veteran musician specifically requested the producers to let him join in on the track, which had the space and the mood that allowed him to launch into one of his trademark performances. The rest of the houseband has also structured its compositions to allow the entire song to be an even grander version of its own self while retaining the distinctive identity which had led to its original success.

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