Emraan Hashmi was reluctant to get kissed by Humaima Malik


Humaima Malick is the first actress EVER to kiss Emraan Hashmi instead of getting kissed.

Humaima Malik Kisses Emraan Hashmi

Yes! This is the first time ever for Emraan to get kissed by any actress and there is a reason behind it. Of course Emraan wasn’t happy while doing this. The director of Raja Natwarlal, Kunal Deshmukh explained the matter and said:

 “There was a scene in the film where the girl needed to kiss the boy. It was unusual for Emraan as I had to tell him to do nothing. And I told him, ‘Stand back, relax and just get kissed.’ He said, ‘But I don’t do this normally. I can’t do this.’ Then he said, ‘Achcha okay, poor girl, it’s her first Hindi film. Chalo, I will do it.’

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Later, this situation also came for Humaima and the director says that he had to tell the actress that:

 ‘Now, you do nothing and let him kiss you.’

He said that we compared both the kisses and it turned out that the couple looked very good together so he decided to make them kiss properly. You will be seeing this whole sequence in the new promotional song of the movie, “Tere hoke rahenge”. Apparently, Humaima will be seen doing an item number in the song. Let’s wait to see how bold she can be! 😀

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