Day 1 Designers Showcases at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week April 2014


Designer Showcases


Act 1

Mohsin Ali for Libas

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014’s Prèt Show on Day-1 was opened by designer Mohsin Ali who had collaborated with leading designer label Libas for a collection titled ‘Crystal Macaroon’. In its customary fashion of promoting young, talented designers, Libas presented Mohsin Ali for the label which brought Mohsin’s quirky, cool and eclectic style to Libas’s timeless aesthetic. The PSFW collection drew inspiration from Paris in Spring, and was based in organza and silk in a variety of colourful pastels. Showcased trends included sheer fabrics, pastels, layers and sporty looks.


Nickie Nina



Following the Mohsin Ali for Libas presentation, designer label Nickie Nina showcased their Spring/Summer 2014 collection titled ‘Katcha Taanka’ inspired by gypsy women and circus performers with nomadic lifestyles. A collection that was functional, eclectic and chic for a fashionable working woman on the go, the duo had used Katcha Taanka embroidered fabric handcrafted by women, which was indigenous and exclusive to Multan. Nickie Nina had also used fabrics such as organza, satin, crepe de chine, silk khaadi for this collection with embellishments in the form of cutwork pieces. With a diverse colour palette of ink blue, sorbet yellow, garnet,  moss green, tangerine, watermelon, lavender and an assortment of greys, key trends that were highlighted through the collection were layers, cut-outs, midi-length, solids with printed/neon accents.


Sania Maskatiya


The final show of Act 1 was presented by acclaimed designer label Sania Maskatiya who introduced a complete collection titled “Kuamka: Awakening”. For ‘Kuamka: Awakening’, the Sania Maskatiya design team draw inspirations from the spirit of Africa through the use of African geometry, aesthetics, culture and landscape to capture a continental awakening. With signature custom designed Sania Maskatiya prints, the collection was based in a variety of fabrics including crepes, chamois and organza with sequined embellishments and structured cuts. The collection harnessed the raw energy, resilience and beauty of the African continent and embarked on a journey filled with vibrant colours, vivid earthy landscapes and natural imagery. Jewellery for the brand’s presentation was facilitated by Shafaq Habib.


Act 2


Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show

The Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show commenced with a special video montage featuring all 5 emerging talents speaking about their collections and inspirations. This was followed by a collaborative capsule collection featuring 5 ensembles, each designed by the individual participating designers using the Bank Alfalah signature blue and white corporate theme as their inspiration. This was followed by individual presentations by each designer.

Up and coming designer Amina Malik presented a collection titled ‘Functional redefinition – Origami’ during the ‘Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show’ segment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014. The collection took its inspiration from the traditional paper folding technique Origami, which transforms a two dimensional surface into three dimensions through folding. The women’s wear collection was based on a variety of fabrics including raw silk, organza and ammara, a form of leatherite, in distinct shades of white and gold. The designer’s creative use of rubber / silicone three dimensional printing lended a unique texture to each printed ensemble in the collection.

Hammad Sadiq showcased his debut collection titled ‘From Infidelity, with Love!’ at the ‘Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show’ segment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014. The women’s wear collection was inspired by the concept of infidelity, particularly how disloyalty to anyone, anything or any ideal seeps into one’s system and causes suffering. The collection also demonstrated disloyalty on a national scale, aptly depicted through the symbolic use of the Jinnah Cap. The designer’s showcase featured 4 intangible characters that were a manifestation of this chain, namely The Virgin, The Derelict, The Immoralist and The Infidel. For this collection, Hammad had used organic fabrics including cotton net, cut-work on chicken and lace in a diverse colour palette that featured whites, off-whites, blues, pinks, golds, blacks and shades of red. With the designer’s use of deconstruction, one observed narrow and deep V-necklines, backless dresses and slouchy A-line silhouettes with seams that were inside-out with frayed organza edges.

Emerging talent Hira Ashfaq participated in the ‘Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show’ segment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014 with her debut collection titled ‘Symbols of Allama Iqbal.’ The exclusive women’s wear collection took its inspiration from a prism, into which white light radiates to form a spectrum of colours, which along with reflective glasses, the Shaheen (eagle) and the Holographic Jugnu (firefly) are all the designer’s interpretations of different Symbols of Iqbal. Indeed, the collection was envisioned to be a contemporary manifestation of the philosophy of the renowned poet. The designer used fabrics such as organza, metallic leather and shamose silk in shades comprising of metallic colours, which were demonstrative of white light passing through a prism to disperse into a spectrum of colour, used to show strength. Observed trends were edgy cut-lines, with creative organza layering and innovative digital prints.

Sarah Awais made her debut at the ‘Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show’ segment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014 with a collection titled ‘The Dramatic Veils’. The collection took its inspiration from Arabic face veils and the work of acclaimed Japanese photographer Kimiko Yoshida. Indeed, derived from Bedouin veils, the collection was an amalgamation of an eastern look with the monochromatic self-portraits of Kimiko Yoshida. The women’s wear collection was based in luxurious fabrics such as organza and suiting fabric and featured Shanghai cuts which were structured and androgynous. The creative ensembles had been embellished by chains, coins, patch work and other materials to impart a distinct antique look to the collection. Based in a dynamic colour palette featuring Midnight Teal, blue and crimson, observable trends included defined lines, gold and glitz with a sheer look.

Seher Tareen made her PSFW debut in the ‘Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show’ showcase at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014 with a luxury prêt collection titled ‘Neo Nouveau’. Taking inspiration from the Art Nouveau Movement of the early twentieth century, the designer has based the collection around the select work of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt who was a prominent Art Nouveau painter. Indeed, Klimt’s iconic paintings ‘The Kiss’ and ‘Lady with a Fan’ were both featured in the collection in the form of figures that had been hand embroidered on statement pieces such as jackets and dresses. ‘Neo Nouveau’ incorporated the use of highly unexpected materials; Crêpe De Chine, canary yellow raw silk combined with black and pewter embroidered leather to make for a striking collection. The designer aimed for the collection to be an amalgamation of high art with ready to wear fashion.

Bank Alfalah also announced its plan to sponsor the winner of Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show through a dedicated rack display at the PFDC Lahore multi-label outlet for up to 6 months post PSFW.


The House of Arsalan Iqbal

The second show of Act 2 was presented by The House of Arsalan Iqbal who showcased a collection titled ‘Cargwar’ which was inspired by the myth of Odysseus, oft thought of as “Odysseus the Cunning”; the master of disguise in both appearance and voice. ‘Cargwar’ which means utility in Urdu, was essentially what the collection was buoyed by: wearability, functionality and casual ease. It is also a play on the words of the two predominant ensembles of the collection: cargo pants and the shalwar (carg and war). The collection comprised of menswear and womenswear pieces in cotton, cotton jersey and twill with rivets, spikes and intricate quilting detailing all in a monochromatic colour palette to a high contrasting off-white and Midnight blue and basic colours in split complimentary colour schemes.


Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio

Day-1’s finale was presented by acclaimed designer label Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio who showcased their Spring / Summer 2014 collection titled ‘Trouble’ at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014. Inspired by the charm and magic of the Silver Screen, particularly the casts and characters of the typical Old School 60’s and 70’s cinema, the collection flirted with the dreamlike process of filmmaking and provided an escape from the real world. ‘Trouble’ featured both menswear and women’s wear in body fitting, unstructured, fluid cuts in straight lines embellished with high quality Persian feroza and black diamonds with oxidized ribbon in gold leafing. The collection was based in organic and hand woven raw silk tailored in sheer net and featured lace trimmed blouses, loon pants and the always trendy wide legged flares, with tapering sleeves and ruffled narrow frames around the waist. The collection featured a diverse colour palette featuring gold, black, sepia, and torques with a dash of tropical red.

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