Servis 2nd HUM Awards (Exclusive Pictures / Event Review)


[Karachi – PR,  March 29, 2014]: HUM Network continued its tradition of holding the biggest awards show in the country, Servis 2nd HUM Awards, here at Expo Centre Karachi. Superstars, top-models and socialites were enthralled to witness a grand red-carpet that was spread across one hall of the Expo Centre. The foyer area had white couches that were complemented by a backdrop of glasswork and bright lights with soothing music by Wahab Shah.

Stage of 2nd Hum Awards

Once inside the main activity hall, the audience was mesmerized to see a majestic stage that was decorated with a big LED screen in the centre and an awe-inspiring, massive, and beautifully lit stage.

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Music Categories at HUM AWARDS

Hosts of 2nd hum awardsThe night began with the young models and actors Mekaal Zulfiqar and Sanam Saeed who hosted the first segment of the show which was the Music Awards. The nominees for Best Band 2013 were Symt, Jal, Overload, and The Sketches. The musician and producer Immu came along with Gia Ali to present the award to band Overload, Farhad Humayun collected the award on behalf of the band. Next award was for the Best Video for Music. The nominees for this category were Adnan Kandhar for Main Sufi Hoon by The Sketches, Usman Mukhtar for Kyun Gai by Farhan Saeed, Taimoor Mirza for Waikh Bandiya by Abbas Ali Khan and Natasha Ejaz and Yasir Jaswal for Bolay by Uzair Jaswal. Pakistani Pop icon Faakhir and Amna Ilyas presented the award to The Sketches for the Best Music Video of 2013.

2nd-Hum-awards-winnerInternationally acclaimed and legendary singer Alamgir was accompanied by Ayesha Omar to present the next award for Best Solo Artiste. The nominees for Best Solo Artistes were Bilal Khan for Do gharee, Uzair Jaswal for Bolay, Falak for Mujh Main Hai Tu, Sajjad Ali for Hur zulm and Farhan Saeed for Kyun Gai.  Sajjad Ali was declared as the Best Solo Artiste for 2013. The next category for music was Best OST for 2013 and the nominees for the category were ‘Jalta aasma sulagti zamin meri Tarjuman’, ‘Zindagi gulzar hai’ by Ali Zafar, ‘Dil-e-muztar ko samjhaya bohat hai’, ‘Mil gai dukh se rihaee dekho’, ‘Reet riwaj ke zewar hain ya hathkariyan’ and ‘Kabhi aashna kabhi ajnabi’. The award went to ‘Dil-e-muztar ko samjhaya bohat hai’for best OST of the year 2013.

The audience was surprised by a captivating performance by veteran artistes Javed Sheikh and Bushra Ansari who performed on a medley of “Gari Ko Chalana”. The cute performance was followed by a special ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ that was presented by President of HUM Network, Sultana Siddiqui to Zia Mohiuddin for his contribution towards the entertainment industry of Pakistan.

Javed Shaikh and Bushra Ansari dancing on 2nd Hum Awards

Fashion Categories at HUM AWARDS

Vasay Chaudhry hosting 2nd Hum awardsMekaal Zulfiqar was joined by comedian Vassay Choudhry who jumped into the crowd and interacted with them pretending to be Bollywood producers. The next segment was for fashion that was hosted by Vassay Choudhry and Sanam Saeed. The choreographer and photographer Tapu Javeri was invited with make-up artist Nabeela to present Best Women’s Wear. The nominees were Sana Safinaz, Kamiar Rokni, Deepak Perwani, Rizwan Beyg and Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY). HSY was awarded with Best Women’s Wear Designer Award for year 2013. Fashion designer Ali Xeeshan was invited with Saba Ansari to present Best Designer wear award next. The nominees for this category were Emraan Rajput, Amir Adnan, Ismail Fareed, Humayun Alamgir and Ahmed Bham. Ismail Fareed was honoured with Best Designer for Menswear.

The renowned actor Shabaz Khan and well known actor and model Nadia Hussain came on stage to present Best Female Model Award. The nominees were Ayyan, Amna Ilyas, Mehreen Syed, Fauzia Aman, Rabia Butt and Saima Azhar. Amna Ilyas came on stage in her glamorous dress to collect her award as Best Female Model of the Year 2013.  The nominees for Best Male Models were Abbas Jafri, Jehan e Khalid, Rizwan Jaffery, Omar Shahzad, Muhammad and Shahzad Noor. Nadia Hussain and Shahbaz Khan presented the award for Best Male Model to Jehan e Khalid.

The attendees were given another stunning surprise performance by Mehwish Hayat and Ahsan Khan who danced along with their troupe on a remixed medley of latest Bollywood number, Tu ney mari entry yaar.

Mehwish Hayat dance 2nd Hum awards


Television Categories at 2nd HUM AWARDS

2nd-Hum-awards (13)Mekaal Zulfiqar was accompanied by young Sanam Jung for the next category of awards that was Best Comedy Sitcom. Junaid Khan and Sarwat Gillani were invited on stage to present this award. The nominees for Best Sitcom of the Year 2013 were ‘Halka na lo’, ‘Extras’ and ‘Namak paray’. Comedian and actor Danish Nawaz came along with his wife to collect  on behalf of the team of ‘Extras’ for Best Sitcom Award.  Shahroze Subzwari and Syra Yusuf were invited next to present the award for Best New Sensation (in drama serial). Ali Rehman Khan was awarded as the Best New Sensation (in drama serial) – Male for his exceptional performance in Rishtay kuch adhooray se, while Sanam Jung bagged the award for Best New Sensation (in drama serial) – Female. Savera Nadeem and Farhan Ali Agha were called upon the stage to give the award for Best Female Actor in Soap. The nominees were Soniya Hussain in Mein hari piya, Sidra Batool in Ishq humari galion mein, Areej Fatima, Ek pagal si larki, Nimra Khan, Chubhan, Urwa in ek pagal si larki. Areej Fatima collected her award for Best Female Actress in Soap. The hosts also presented the award for Best Male Actor for Soap. The nominees were Ali Agha in ‘Mein hari piya’, Azfar Rehman in ‘Ek pagal si larki’, Humayun Ashraf in ‘Ishq humari galion mein’ and Bilal Qureshi in ‘Chubhan’. The award winner for this category was Humayun Ashraf. Next were Misbah Khalid and Deepak Perwani who came on stage to give Best Soap Award. The nominees were ‘Ek pagal si larki’, ‘Ishq humari galion mein’, ’Mein hari piya’ and ‘Chubhan’. Ek pagal si larki was chosen as the Best Soap in 2013.

Fahad Mustafa came on stage to present ‘Excellence in Television’ award to Javed Sheikh for his contribution towards promoting the television industry of Pakistan. This was followed by a fascinating performance by Tanura dancer Hamada and his troupe who swirled and enchanted the audience with their colourfully lit dresses.

Fahad Mustafa and Mahira Khan presented the award for Best Telefilm, the nominees for were Yum hum millay, Ek mamoli si larki, Behad, Zarra si aurat, Saya and Souten meri saheli. Director Asim Raza came on stage the collect the award on behalf of the team behind the outstanding showcasing of work in telefilm Behad. Ahsan Khan and Amna Ilyas presented Best Actor in Supporting Role – Female. The nominees were Maria Wasti in Rihaee, Samina Peerzada in Zindagi gulzar hai, Sakina Samo in Aseerzadi, Sanya Shamshad in Rihaee/Aseerzadi, Yumna Zaidi in Ullu baraye farokht nahi, Areej Fatima in Humnasheen and Isra Ghazal in Ullu baraye farokht nahi. Sameena Peerzada was invited on stage to collect her award for the Best Actor in Supporting role – female for her memorable performance in Zindagi gulzar hai. Angeline Malik and Noor Hassan presented the award for the Best Actor in Supporting Role – Male. The nominees in this category were Salman Shahid for Aseerzadi, Deepak Perwani for Kadurat, Mehmood Aslam for Rishtey kutch adhooray se, Waseem Abbas for Zindagi gulzar hai, Noor Hassan for Aseerzadi and Danish Taimoor for Rihaae. Salman Shahid was honoured with best Actor in Supporting Role – Male for his performance in Aseerzadi.

Aaijaz Aslam and Saadia Imam joined the hosts to present award to Best Actor in Negative Role. The nominees were Serwat Gillani for Dil-e-muztar, Imran Aslam for Jiya na jaye, Sanam Saeed for Kadurat, Noman Ejaz for Ullo baraye farokht nahi, Ayesha Khan for Mujhay khuda per yaqeen hai and Faiza Hassan for Humnasheen. The well-deserved award was given to Noman Ejaz for his immaculate performance in Ullo baraye farokht nahi. Naeem Bukhari and Atiqa Odho graced the stage to present the Most Impactful Character in a serial award. The nominees for the awards were Bari Sarkar played by Sania Saeed in Aseerzadi, Chacha Jee played by Sohail Ahmed in      Ullo Baraye Farokht Nahi, Aapi played by Irsa Ghazal in Ullo Baraye Farokht Nahi and Amna played by Sakina Saammo in Aseerzadi. Sakina Saammo gracefully accepted the award for her spectacular performance in Aseerzadi.

Shahroze Subzwari and Soha Ali Abro sparked thrill amongst the audience with their lively dance performance on a medley based on a super-hit Bollywood song Malang Malang.   

Shehroz Sabzwari and Suha Ali Abro dance at 2nd Hum Awards

Fahad Mustafa invited legendary actor / director and producer Samina Peerzada to come on stage and present a special Recognition Award to Bushra Ansari for her efforts for introducing new trends and standards to the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Popular Awards (Viewers’ Choice)

Hosts Vassay Chaudhry and Sanam Jung called Azfar Ali and Naveen Waqar to present Best On-Screen Couple Award. The nominees for this category were Fawad Khan & Sanam Saeed in Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Imran Abbas & Sanam Jhang in Dil-e-muztar and Fahad Mustufa & Sanam Baloch in Kankar. The viewers voted Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan as the best on-screen couple who came on stage to collect the award. Behroz Sabzwari and Shagufta Ejaz presented the Best Drama Serial award. The nominees were Zindagi Gulzaar Hay, Dil- e – Muztar, Aseerzadi, Humnasheen, Kankar, Ullo Baraye Farokht Nahi, Rihaae, Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai and Rishtey Kutch Adhooray Se. The viewers nominated Zindagi gulzar hai as Best Drama Serial while the producer of show Momina Duraid collected the award for her team. Later the superstar of Lollywood film industry Moamar Rana and young heartthrob actror Mehvish Hayat came on stage to present Best Actor Female. The viewers voted most for Sanam Saeed as the Best Female Actor. Next were Maria Wasti and Hina Bayat on stage to hand over the trophy of Best Actor Male Award. Fawad Khan won the award through viewers’ voting.

The famous actress and model Noor came on to the stage with her troupe of perform on a medley of Humri Araiya. The flawless dance by Noor proved her skills as a dancer and a performer of an international caliber.

Jury Awards

Last segment of the show was hosted by Vassay Chaudhry. Host and critically acclaimed actor Noor Ul Huda Shah was invited on stage to present Best Writer Drama Serial Award. The nominees in this category were Umera Ahmed for Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Aliya Bukhari for Dil-e-Muztar, Farhat Ishtiaq for Rihaae, Mustafa Afridi for Aseerzadi, Shehla Shakoor for Humnasheen, Amna Mufti for Ullo Baraye Farokht Nahi, Nadia Akhtar for Rishtey Kuch Adhooray Se and Umera Ahmed for Kankar. Umera Ahmed was honoured with the award for writing a spell binding story of Zindagi gulzar hai.  Sabiha Sumar and Sarmad Khosat were invited to present Best Director for Drama Serial. The nominees included Sultana Siddiqui for Zindagi  Gulzar Hai, Shehzad Kashmiri for Dil-e-muztar, Ehtisham Uddin for Aseerzadi, Siraj-ul-Haq for Humnasheen, Mehreen Jabbar for Rihaae, Kashif Nisar for Ullo Baraye Farokht Nahi, Farooq Rind for Rishtey Kutch Adhooray Se, Barkat Siddiqui for Mujhay Khuda Per Yaqeen Hai and Abis Raza for Kankar. Sultana Siddiqui was honoured with Best Director Drama Serial for her exception directorial capabilities shown in Zindagi gulzar hai. World renowned director, filmmaker and actor Hamza Ali Abbasi and beautifully dressed Saba Qamar presented the award for Best On-Screen Couple by jury. The nominees included Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed in Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Imran Abbas and Sanam Jung in Dil-e-Muztar and Fahad Mustufa and Sanam Baloch in Kankar. The Best On-Screen Couple Award was given to Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khanfor their perfect on-screen chemistry in Zindagi gulzar hai. Director Asim Raza and super model Vaneeza Ahmed came on stage to give the award for Best Drama Serial. The nominees were Zindagi gulzaar hai, Dil-e-muztar, Aseerzadi, Humnasheen, Kankar, Ullo baraye farokht nahi, Rihaae, Mujhe khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai and Rishtey Kutch Adhooray Se. Zindagi gulzar hai was again selected as the Best Drama Serial. A special recognition award was presented to Bilal Lashari for his internationally acclaimed movie Waar while Humayun Saeed was also awarded with a special recognition award for his outstanding work on Main hon Afridi. Later internationally celebrated Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed and Umair Mustafa were invited on stage to present Best Actor Female Drama Serial Award. The nominees were Pakistan’s best actrors including Sanam Saeed for Zindagi gulzar hai, Sanam Jung for Dil-e-muztar, Sania Saeed for Aseerzadi, Saba Qamar for Ullo Baraye Farokht Nahi, Samina Peerzada for Rahaee, Yumna Zaidi for Rishtey Kutch Adhooray Se and Sanam Baloch for Kankar. Sania Saeed was awarded as the Best Actor Female in a drama serial for her exceptionally dramatic performance in Aseerzadi. The most highly anticipated award of the night was Best Actor Male Drama Serial that was presented by Iman Ali and Farooq Hyder Sheikh. The nominees were Fawad Khan     in Zindagi  Gulzar Hai, Adnan Siddiqui in Humnasheen, Noman Ejaz in Rihaae, Meekal Zulfiqar in Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai, Ahson Khan in Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai, Imran Abbas in Dil-e-Muztar and Fahad Mustafa in Kankar. The audience roared with excitement when Noman Ejaz was announced as the winner of the award.

The night ended with a good-note when all the guests were ushered out of the event.

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All photos in this post are courtesy of HUM TV PR department and Ahsan Qureshy.

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