Rohail Hyatt Steps Down as Coke Studio Producer


That’s All Folks! Its an End to another great Musical journey.

Rohail Hyatt left Coke Studio

The kick-starter of great musical project “Coke Studio” has finally decided to step down. Rohail Hyatt – The Producer of Coke Studio Pakistan – finally confirmed the rumors of his replacement and announced his departure from the highly acclaimed music show that he started in Pakistan back in 2008.

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Here’s what he posted today on his Facebook page (later endorsed by Coke Studio official page then)

Dear friends, I wish to thank you all for the love and support you have shared with me over the years. As the producer of Coke Studio in Pakistan, I have had the privilege to work with some of the finest talent and interact with a vast number of people who have shared their thoughts and gratitude over the years. It has been quite a journey. From the 1st season when we had absolutely no clue as to what we were doing to the 6th season when we still had no clue as to what we were doing..  This is what made this journey so wonderful – not knowing. At the end of the day, what made the experience memorable is the amazing response the listeners and audience of Coke Studio gave to the work. With 3 million Facebook fans, 100 million views on YouTube and 13 million views for season 6 on Vimeo, I feel very content and I cannot thank you enough for the love, appreciation and criticism you have showered on the offerings. Thank you!

As of late, there seem to be rumours flying around that I will not be producing the next season of Coke Studio in Pakistan. This is true. I’m changing course for personal reasons. But my journey of exploring the depths of our heritage and sharing it with the world will continue.. No, there has been no sudden end to the relationship between Coke and I and nor is there a conspiracy against me as some people are reporting. I simply opted out of producing season 7 for personal reasons..

I wish the new producers of Coke Studio well. They are an amazing team and I’m sure they will do justice to the platform. They have my full support and blessing. Good luck to them!



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