Zara Madani and Muazzam Ali Khan – Neer Bharan (Coke Studio, Season 6, Episode 3 – Audio/Video/Lyrics)


zara-madani-coke-studio-season-6[Download Mp3] – ”Watch BTS of Neer Bharan”

Artist: Zara Madani – To fill water – نیر بھرن
Featuring: Muazzam Ali Khan
Language: Braj
Coke Studio Season 6, Episode 3

Song Info:

Finding the union of eastern classical inspiration and deep, encompassing electronic vibes is Zara Madani’s ‘Neer Bharan’. The song is the product of an experiment that took the pattern of an electronic track and placed the layers of an age old classically based bandish within the fold to create a story that’s almost cinematic. With the elements of Teen Taal, the song finds its driving inspiration in the nighttime raag Baageshri stirring up a feeling of dark, delicate longing. The song in its carnal nature is a whirlwind of female sensuality and haunting temptation. The wordings derive from folklore of the subcontinent painting the moment of yearning set against the backdrop of the night’s enchantment. As the lyrics flow, the song’s progression is almost prowling in its search for the song’s object of obsession – the alluring peeve Nand Laal – a character thematically portrayed in the vocals of Muazzam Ali Khan towards the song’s resolution. A song that has an almost theatrical feel in its tale, the Eastern chant like rhythm is brought to life with the constant electronic groove by the Serbian house band and the percussive elements of the Dhol while the String Orchestra encircles the storm layering the depths of human angst in the face of Separation.

Song Credits:
Serbian House Band
Goran Antovic | Piano, Keyboards
Branko Trijic | Guitar
Dejan Antovic | Bass, Electric Upright
Jovan Satric | Drums

Kaw Dialy Madi Sissoko | Kora

Babar Ali Khanna | Dholak

Rohail Hyatt | Slide Guitar

String Orchestra
I Violins
Tijana Milosević
Mirjana Nešković
Ksenija Milošević
Jelena Dimitrijević

II Violins
Selena Jakovljević
Jelena Dragnić
Tamara Zivković

Ivana Uzelac
Aleksandra Damjanović

Julijana Marković
Uroš Zikić

Acoustic Upright
Srdjan Djordjević

Brass Section
Miloš Nikolić – Trumpet
Aleksandar Petković – Alto Sax
Nikola Demonja – Tenor Sax
Mladen Lukić – Trombone
Bojan Vukelić – Baritone Sax

Dhol Group
Babar Ali Khanna
Zeeshan Haider
Irfan Ali
Salman Javed

Backing Vocal
Rachel Viccaji
Zoe Viccaji

 ”Watch BTS of Neer Bharan”


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Watch video song below:


نیر بھرن کیسے جاؤں سجنی
neer bharan kaise jaaoon sajani
Oh how should I go to fill water, my dear friend?

جاؤں سجنی
jaaoon sajani
…should I go, my dear friend?

رات اکیلی ڈر موہے لاگے
raat akeli ḍar mohe laage
The night is dark and I feel frightened all alone

پنگھٹ پہ نند لال ٹھیرو
panghaṭ pe nand-laal ṭhaiṛo
Nand Laal waits at the water well to tease me

سجنی کیسے جاؤں
sajani kaise jaaoon
My dear friend, how should I go?

پنیا بھرن جاؤں ارے ہو
paniya bharan jaaoon aray ho
I went to fill water


نیر بھرن کیسے جاؤں سجنی
neer bharan kaise jaaoon sajani
Oh how should I go to fill water, my dear friend?

نیر بھرن
neer bharan
…to fill water

کیسے میں جاؤں سجنی
kaise main jaaoon sajani
How should I go, my dear friend?

کیسے جاؤں میں
kaise jaaoon main
Oh how should I go?

کیسے میں جاؤں نیر بھرن
kaise main jaaoon neer bharan
How should I go to fill water?

پنیا بھرن گئی ارے ہو
Oh I went to fill water

Oh how?

اے ری سکھی کچھ بن ناہیں آئے
e ri sakhi kachh ban naaheen aaye
Oh my friends, I just can’t understand what to do

اے ری سکھی کچھ بن ناہیں آئےموہے
e ri sakhi kachh ban naaheen aaye mohe
Oh my friends, I just can’t understand what to do

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