Waar: A Movie That Will Change Your Opinion About Pakistani Films


Pakistani Cinema seems to be regaining its lost glory, as we are seeing Waar doing almost 1 crore rupees of business every day. After many years, we have seen such a block buster Pakistani film. It is being watched all over Pakistan since 16th of October. And people are coming to theatres to see Waar in large numbers and are full of praise for it.

WAAR Changed opinions about Pakistani FIlms

Metropole Cinema, Lahore started playing Waar since 1st of November. All the shows there and in other theatres are/have been going almost house full. The Same is the situation in major cineplexes of Karachi, including Atrium Cinemas and Nueplex Cinemas. Even the Indian films released during the same period – Boss, Krrish 3 – were failed to attract and impress the viewer as compared to Waar. This is really a very positive and pleasing thing that people are preferring home productions to the Indian ones and showing maturity in choice. The few cinema owners who removed Waar to give space to Krrish 3 are now confused as the high budgeted Indian film couldn’t fulfil the expectations regarding box office returns.

Waar has been enjoying the rating of whooping 9.2 at IMDB which can be declared as the highest by any Pakistani film throughout the history. It is the highest budget film of the country by now – investing almost 17 crore (170 million) PKR that have been recovered magnificently till the filing of the story and it is making profit now. So in terms of business on box office, Waar is one of the most successful films in the history of Pakistani Cinema.

When Waar was in making, producer and writer Hasan Waqas Rana said to media that Waar would prove to be a transforming one for the industry, and this – as we can see – is a 110% true. Even we are hearing the terms like “Game changer” and “The unstoppable” for Waar which have never been used for any other film before. Another term can be “The opinion changer” as the general opinion about Pakistani films is absolutely changed now.

Before this, we have been repeatedly seeing the Jutts and Gujjars action since decades. Waar has totally changed the face of ACTION in our films and given us a new flavor that we are delighting at the moment. It is a very pleasant surprise that despite the 80% of the film is in English language but people from all classes including domestic women and even those who can’t understand English, are flocking to see the film.

The worth mentioning factor that made Waar unstoppable is the patriotism of both a single person
(Mujtaba) and all the forces who are fighting against a faceless enemy, sacrificing their lives to save our dear homeland. In the form of Ramal, Mullah Siraj, and Lakshmi (names of characters), the story tells us who are our enemies, how they have joined hands against us and how we have to identify and defeat them.

Waar has portrayed the real circumstances of Pakistan and given us a deep enough lesson that we are due to the very being of Pakistan. Our survival depends only on the existence of this piece of land and we have to save our people. Where Waar has highlighted the terrorism issue by sketching some real life events, it has also highlighted the potential the local cinema industry has. If only more movies of such productions are released, the day is never far when the long lost cinema goers will be back to support Pakistani Films.

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