Shayan Abbas – Kaafir (Listen/Download Mp3)


Artist: Shayan Abbas
Song: Kaafir
Lyrics and Composition: Shayan Abbas
Produced at: Ahsan’s Studio
Editing/Music: Ahsan Raza

About Song:
when someone is in deep love and gets a heart break, Shayan Abbas believe everyone had this feeling atleast once. The song Kaafir is not just a song its a feeling in their life, This is my first song and had deep feeling attached with it, It’s a ray of hope for a depressed and tense person, selfless love or friendship but the person has no other option except to leave everything behind and leads to a path to no where..

About Artist:
Well the story begins when I first listened to Jal The band, This was first time I was actually listening to Pakistani Music, and it changes everything, My craziness towards guitars and Pakistan Pop music was like at Peak, I made a lot of compositions and perform in my college and did gigs and then now, I came up with Kaafir and amazingly It connect with everyone – Kaafir By Shayan Abbas

Check out the song below:

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