WAAR Movie Review – Its Not What You Might Have Perceived


The movie which has been scheduled to release since 2011, finally premiered at Atrium Cinema here in Karachi. The premiere show of WAAR, the directorial debut of Bilal Lashari was attended by the cast and other celebrities of Pakistan media industry. For general public, Waar will hit the cinemas all across the country on the first day of Eid ul Azha, i.e 15th October, 2013.

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WAAR is an action thriller loaded with amazing visual effects. The star cast of the movie includes Shaan on lead role, Ayesha Khan, Ali Azmat, Meesha Shafi, Shamoon Abbasi, Hamza Ali Abbasi, and few other actors.

Movie Plot

Shaan as Major Mujtaba in WAAR MovieThe movie is completely different from the perceptions which people build from the trailers. It is NOT really about Pakistan Army, Talibans and War on Terror. The story revolves around a special agent Major Mujtaba (Shaan) and a counter terrorism department that detected threats to the country’s security. The department then makes efforts to avert possible attacks by terrorists. Mujtaba, who has a good record in conducting different operations for his country, offered the charge of this operation to deal with the threats.

Now when the “major terrorist attack” is planted through an Indian Agent Rammal (Shamoon Abbasi), Mujtaba took the charge to save his motherland. Javeria (Aisha Khan) and Ehtisham(Hamza Ali Abbasi) are the Shamoon Abbasi in WAARsiblings who help Major Mujtaba in this operation. Javeria works at FIA, while her brother Ehtisham leads the field operation on ground.

Ali Azmat is playing the role of an honest politician who really wants to do something for his nation. Though he is a married and a righteous man, but he also keeps an intimate relationship with a girl named Zoya (Meesha Shafi). Zoya who works for an NGO, is actually an Indian agent. The main villain role is played by Shamoon Abbasi.

Technical Aspects and Visual Effects

ACtion scene in WAAR with visual effectsNow, come to the technical aspects. The debutant Bilal Lashari has outdone himself as a director of a motion picture film. Lashari, started his career as a music video director and worked for some of the most remarkable and finest music videos. He has always set high goals to achieve for himself. For this movie, he deserves all the applauses for taking this great initiative; he has definitely become a proud asset of our entertainment industry and indeed for the country.

Thought the story line is not much strong but by using the modern visual effects technology, the movie has set some new standards in the industry. At times the pace of the movie slows down, and you feel boredom. Probably, the deletion of some extra scenes could have avoided this feeling.


Coming to the acting, Shaan has won the show along with Hamza Ali Abbasi, who impressed the audience with his amazing character. Ayesha Khan who played the role of an agent brilliantly, can also be seen doing some action sequences in the movie. In negative roles, Shamoon Abbasi and Meesha Shafi are worth watching. While frequently swearing words by Meesha Shafi entertain a large number of audience, few of the viewers get irritated by them.

Soundtrack of WAAR Movie

Talking about the soundtracks, Qayaas music with Umair Jaswal on vocals dominates the whole movie. There is another good track such as “Mauje Naina” taken from Coke Studio @ MTV.


Verdict for WAAR

No matter whether you agree with the story line narrated in movie or not, WAAR is one brilliant effort by the young film maker, Bilal Lashari and his supporters. It is truly a new face of Pakistani cinema and in our opinion this could be Pakistan’s official entry for Oscars. (Fingers Crossed for the next year nominations)

As the characters in the movie mostly talk in English, it might not be able to get great response among the masses in Pakistan and recover its cost which is exaggerated to 2 Million USD by the promoters.

The film is distributed by MindWorks Media in association with ARY Films and Mandviwalla Entertainment.


Our Rating:

Story: 3/5

Direction: 4/5

Acting: 4/5

Visual Effects: 5/5

Overall rating: 4/5


Review by Danish Mughal with additional inputs by Arsalan Ali

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