Alamgir in Coke Studio Season 6 – Artist Profile


    Alamgir in Coke Studio Season 6

    When looking back on the story of what we now view as Pakistani music, one name that continues to stand apart is that of Alamgir. A truly legendary story of a young boy who left his home in what was East Pakistan in the 60’s with nothing but a guitar to come to Karachi, West Pakistan and find a sound that was at the time unheard of in Pakistan – Pop music. Led by his passion in a series of events that would eventually cement his name in Pakistani music history, Alamgir found himself at the pinnacle of what would be a music revolution in the 70’s with hit tracks like ‘Dekha Na Tha’, ‘Albela Rahi’ and ‘Pyar Hai Zindagi ka Gehna’. Flash forward to 2011 Alamgir found himself working on the theme song for the Canadian TV Series ‘Mangoes’ alongside Kristie Yung – a Canadian singer of Korean descent. The song entitled ‘Keh Dena’ showcased the unique quality of Alamgir’s music – the fact that it is as relevant today as it was during the 70’s and is in fact able to connect with people across the globe.

    On connecting with people today:
    ‘What is really amazing for me is that this generation also enjoys my music. This makes me really happy. Its one of those things that I’ve always wanted from life, that after all these generations, people still love my music. It is a real blessing.’

    This Season, Coke Studio has the honor of welcoming one of the pioneers of Pakistani Pop music to the platform and demonstrating the fact that music can indeed be timeless.

    Watch artist profile below:

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