Pakistani patriotic songs that fuel up the love passion for your country


If you think that due to some unfortunate reasons you have lost the patriotism you have had for your country Pakistan, then it may be the right time for you to listen to some of the famous Pakistani patriotic songs. For sure these songs are going to revive and rejuvenate the rusted patriotism and you will feel like literally giving your life away for the sake of your country. Many of them are so very heart touching that you have tears rolling down your eyes as you thoughtfully listen to the lyrics. The National Anthem of Pakistan is perhaps the simplest example of such songs as far as patriotism is concerned.

Those who are sports fans must have witnessed the tune of Pakistani national anthem being played before the start of any sporting event. If you are a Pakistani and have any interest in the patriotic songs then you’ll really feel something extraordinary running through your veins as the tune of National Anthem knocks your ear drums. Apart of this, there is a long list of many classic and latest Pakistani patriotic songs that make you feel proud of being a Pakistani. However, it would be quite unfair if the singers who have voiced those songs are not appreciated.

Pakistani Patriotic Songs

The likes of Madam Noor Jahan, Masood Rana, Mehdi Hassan, Mehdi Zaheer, Alamgir and many modern singers played a major role in making many songs memorable. Given below is a list of best Pakistani Patriotic songs along with the singers.

1- Hum Mastafavi Hain – by Mehdi Zaheer

2- Sohni Dharti – by Shahnaz Begum

3- Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai – by Mehdi Hassan

4- Chand Meri Zameen – by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan (reproduced in 1998 by Alamgir)

5- E Puttar Hattan Tey Nai Vikdey – by Madam Noor Jehan

6- Apni Jaan Nazar Karoon – by Mehdi Hassan (Single 1965)

7- Aye Watan Pyare Watan – by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan

8- Is Parcham Ke Saye Talay – by Alamgir (Hum Sab Ka Pakistan 1982)

9- Khayal Rakhna – by Alamgir feat & Benjamin Sisters (Hum Sab Ka Pakistan 1982)

10- Tera Pakistan Hai – by Amjad Hussain (Single 1976)

11- Hum Zinda Qaum Hain – by Various Artistes (reproduced in 1982 by Alamgir)

12- Jeevay, Jeevay Pakistan – by Shahnaz Begum (Single 1968)

You may not have heard many of these Pakistani patriotic songs, particularly if you happen to be from the young generation. Although you would be more attuned with some modern stuff but listening to these songs is really going to fuel up your patriotism quite remarkably.

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