Laal Band’s Dr. Taimur Rahman visits Jamia


Taimur Rahman

Dr Taimur Rahman went to India last Friday to give lecture on Nationalism and The India – Pakistan Peace Process organized by Jamia Discussion Forum.

Dr. Taimur Rehman, the vocalist of Laal Band, has a renowned portfolio in academics as he is an Assistant Professor at Lahore University of Management Sciences. According to Jamia Journal his lecture revolved around the dominance of nationalism in modern world and covered many historical evidences. He also talked about India-Pakistan relation and said:

“The most important thing is to see peace between the two countries. Both possess nuclear arms. Military conflagrations have caused untold suffering for both sides. We are also states that have millions of poor people living in our countries. So isn’t it better that we take care of our people rather than going to war against each other? If you want to declare war on anything, you should declare it on illiteracy, lack of healthcare, lack of rights, lack of political representation etc. These are things that we need Jihad and war against, not against each other.”

Talking about Laal’s music, he quipped:

“It is music for social transformation and I think it has definitely helped. The whole content of our music is based on progressive social poetry- talking about people’s issues, about working class strikes, women’s rights and so on.”

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