Zinda Bhaag world premiere at Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival 2013


Rizwanaa Shaikh

Gone are the days when our cinema was a laughing stock for everyone due to the hundred times repeated Punjabi productions. But now with the entry of young blood in film making, serious and parallel cinema is emerging gradually.Zinda-Bhaag

The much awaited Pakistani film “Zinda Bhaag”, written and directed by Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi is going to have its world premiere at Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival (MISAFF) 2013 on August 14 and 15. Zinda Bhaag is based on the subject of illegal immigration by young Pakistani men who have got disappointed from country’s future and want to try their luck in west.

Its synopsis reads like: What makes a man step into a cargo container that is going to be locked for days? Why does he step into a flimsy overloaded boat to face a stormy sea? Or dart across international borders dodging bullets? What are the compulsions faced by men in Pakistan which make them to take extreme risks to chase a mirage of secure future in alien lands?

More precisely, this line unfolds the story: Three young men in Lahore try to escape the reality of their everyday lives. They succeed in ways they least expected.

This is the current and very serious issue of our present youngsters. They are disappointed from the on going circumstances in the country like energy crisis, price hike, crimes, insecurity etc and the most of all joblessness. Film is been shot in Lahore, mainly in the populated and backward areas with a peculiar environment and language. Khaldi, Taambi, and Chitta are the three main characters with Rubina, the female lead.

A feel of freshness is all there as many of the people including the two directors are debuting from Zinda Bhaag like Salman Ahmad, Zohaib, Khurram Patras, and fashion model Amna Ilyas. Before Amna, super model Mehreen Syed has also made her silver screen debut from Chambiali, this very year.

Zinda Bhaag has also the credit to be the second appearance by India’s Naseer-ul-Din Shah in a Pakistani film after Khuda Kay Leay. His presence will definitely be another attraction for viewers.

Language can be a bit unusual aspect of the film. Punjabi and Urdu mix is not a tradition here in films but Meenu and Farjad and the producer Mazhar Zaidi were of the view that the same thing makes the story more natural and near to real life.

Meenu and Farjad have chosen the genre of comedy for Zinda Bhaag, giving a serious message in a lighter tone which makes it quite different from other upcoming releases. Some situations also look cheap but overall the film is going to change the taste of our mouth with its khatta meetha flavor.

Talking about MISAFF, this film festival features the best of South Asian cinema from around the world presented especially for Mississauga and region cinephiles. According to MISAFF official web site, films from CANNES, TIFF, FNC and several other festivals are going to be presented this year including the much anticipated Zinda Bhaag. The other one premiering in the festival is The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mira Nair based on the Pakistani best seller novel with the same name by Mohsin Hamid.

Getting international premiere is a huge success for Pakistan. Our youngsters are determined to change the scenario of our cinema industry. And we are going to enjoy a very different experience in story, music, dance, songs, and drama on silver screen very soon!

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