CALL Band gets new vocalist Yasir Jaswal


Yasir Jaswal is now the new face of Call (the band). The band is performing these days in various events with their new vocalist Yasir Jaswal. (FOB : Fresh on Board); Pakistan Sports Festival is the latest gig where the band performed with its new vocalist. The event was held in Islamabad.

Yasir Jaswal joined Call the Band

Call (the band) has been out of spot light for quite a few months, there was once a time when Xulfi (founder/vocalist/guitarist) and Call had couple of Bollywood projects. ‘Laree Chooti’ from Ek Chalis Ki Last Local and ‘Yeh Pal’ from Aasmaan were two hit Bollywood numbers given by the band. Later the band released its long awaited album ‘Dhoom’;  the album couldn’t get huge success since it was not marketed well and the band had released only one video from the album, of the song ‘Ho Jaane De’.

Seeing the uncertain future in music, Junaid Khan lead vocalist of Call started his acting projects and left Call last year and stood focused on his acting career although he released few singles too, Call started performing with Mustufa Zahid (Roxen) which lured the band for sometime. However, Mustufa Zahid didn’t took permanent position as vocalist in band line-up.

The good news is; the band finally has found a new face ‘Yasir Jaswal’. Yasir Jaswal is ex-member of Pakistani Rock band Irtaash. The announcement came out today when Xulfi updated Call’s official facebook page with this status:

[quote type=”small” align=”center”] “Just performed at Pakistan Sports Festival in Islamabad at Jinnah Stadium. Huge crowd, Great fun! Yasir Jaswal you rocked man. This was the first of many future Call shows with new lineup. Call is back guys, heavier than ever.” – Xulfi  [/quote]

Screenshot of Call’s Facebook Page: 
Yasir Jaswal new vocalist of Call

This was a bit unexpected! A couple of days back Call was deciding whether to take Yasir Jaswal on board and line-up for concerts or not. However, no one was that sure about Yasir being official band member of Call.

So, the good news is the band is complete now and ready to rock again. Let’s expect some ‘Genuine Call’ stuff coming from the band; and we hope Yasir Jaswal will be able to carry Call’s energetic image with him and come up with something which we had waited since long.

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