Sajal Ali receives threats from Karachi Mafia


Recently, well-known Pakistani drama actress Sajal Ali received threats from Karachi Mafia to pay an illegal tax (bhatta) of 4 lakh rupees to them.

Sajal Ali
Karachi, the city where ransom, kidnapping and target-killing is no big deal; is also considered as the hub of Pakistan’s drama industry. All the big TV channels i.e. Samaa, ARY Digital and Hum TV have their headquarters in this city. Besides this, many actors also reside here and Sajal Ali Ali is one of them. This time, she fell pray to the threats of Karachi Maifa who asked her to pay illegal tax of ruppes 4 lakh. She has also received death threats.

Now, Sajal is planning to move from Karachi as she thinks it is dangerous here in Karachi. Sajal, wherever you go, we pray that you stay safe. The incident is very sad for all of us because it leaves no one safe in the city.

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