Naeem Shah quits The Sketches


Last Saturday, Naeem Shah – the lead guitarist of sufi band The Sketches update his Facebook profile status that he quits the band.

Naeem Shah is now the former band member of The Sketches who paired up with Saif Samejo since the inception of this band. His status was:

The sketches

On the disbanding of The Sketches, lead vocalist Saif Samejo said:

[quote type=”small” align=”left”] Dear Friend – I can only say, ‘May you live a long life with all that you think never ends. Every journey ends and someone else replaces – It can be me, he and anyone else as nothing is permanent… Every individual got rights to start their own individual choices, if anyone wish to start another new journey with new career – as a well wisher from heart we all should wish for him not rather question him to discourage his life’s decision. [/quote]

The Sketches became one of Pakistan’s prominent bands after participating in Coke Studio. Later, they released their song ‘Main Sufi Hun’ which went viral and lured the band to the list of mainstream bands. Their break-up may me shocking for their fans, however, as Saif Samejo said

[quote type=”small” align=”left”] Every journey ends and someone else replaces. [/quote]



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