Sana Safinaz ranked as the most searched Pakistani fashion designers in the world


Over 49,500 searches have been observed in a month for the keyword “Sana Safinaz”.

Safinaz-Muneer-and-Sana-Hashwani at Sana Safinaz Flagship Store in Lahore

Recent survey has shown that ‘Sana Safinaz’ is the most searched keyword for any Pakistani fashion designer in the world. Even most popular fashion designers like Sania Maskatiya, Nomi Ansari and Umar Sayeed have been left far behind in this regard.

When Safina Muneer was asked about this much popularity of her brand on social media, she quipped:

[quote type=”small” align=”center”] “This is simply amazing. We feel incredibly blessed and humbled. We are just two women designing clothes we love and it is marvelous to get this sort of recognition.” [/quote]

The only social-media-popularity competitor of Sana Safinaz is HSY but the thing is that HSY also stands for Hershey’s Chocolate Company in New York Stock Exchange so no one is sure if HSY searches are specifically for HSY – the designer.

If we talk about social networks, specifically, then HSY deserves to be the champion as the offical Hassan Shehryar Yaseen’s Facebook page has more than 711k likes, Sana Safinaz 369k likes, Nomi Ansari 213k likes,  and Tena Durrani has 208k likes.

This means that Sana Safinaz is making its way to top among best Indian designers who are searched for more than 100k times a month.

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