Hum TV brings Saturday night special programming this June


Hum Network’s Management is bringing sparkling weekends to their viewers so they may enjoy their Saturday evenings even more.


As per the announcement, on June 15, “Khamosh Mohabbat” will go on air. In this tele-film Humayun Ashraf, Sara Batool, Nadia Hussainand Mustafa Kazi will entertain the viewers. The story revolves around a character, ‘Shaan’, who is in search of a flawless beauty.
On June 22, the tele-film ‘Chanda aur Chandni’ will be on air. In this play Azfar Rehman, Anushay, Sakina Samu, Shaghufta Ejaz and Rashid Faruqi will be displaying their talents. This story revolves around the main character ‘Chand’ who is a millionaire and has a desire for a love marriage.

On June 23, on Father’s Day, a special play ‘Saya’ will be on air revolving around of a father who loves his daughter a lot, who later becomes the cause of his grief. The cast of this play has Ayza Khan & Shehzad Sheikh.

On June 29, a tele-film ‘Doosra Naam’ will be on air. This is a love-story based on betrayal, self-satisfaction and the voracious desire for power and lust

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