My Punjabi Love For You premiere in Café 76 (Pictures)


Talented director Adnan Malik recently teamed up with Bumbu Sauce for “My Punjabi Love For You”. The video was premiered by Catalyst PR & Marketing in Cafe 76 last month.

‘My Punjabi Love for you’ is an evocative and propulsive experimental music video/experimental film hybrid, which tells a story of a young rural wife who attempts to overcome the challenges faced by independent women in a male dominated society. Inspired by the raw and grungy sound of the track, “My Punjabi Love For You” by Bumbu Sauce, the winners of Lux Style Award’s Best Emerging Artist 2012, the video propels you into the world of its female protagonist and her troubled relationship with men and society. The video features Aamina Sheikh as Parveen Bano, Adnan Jaffar as the evil Landlord and Rizwan Ali Jaffri as the hopeless husband, with a host of martial artists who play a mixed bag of villains that stand in her way. To play the role, Aamina trained in Muay Thai Kickboxing, mixed martial arts, wirework and motorcycle stunts. Her gritty and flawless acting carries the story of the video forward into a seamless sequence of events that alternate between real world events and her characters’ innermost desires and hopes. Adnan Jaffer justified his character as the loathsome landlord and constantly made producers wonder if they had created a monster. Featuring inventive direction from Adnan Malik- who was the brain behind the conception of the video- with gorgeous cinematography by ace DOP Zain Haleem and production by AMP, the video piece draws inspiration from classic Pakistani cinema and cult martial arts films, and hopes to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about gender equality in Pakistani society.

via PT
Check out the pictures from premier below Check out Bumbu Sauce Video

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