4 Paee – Lipton Recipe of Brightness (Music Video)


Walnut Media, Walnut Studios together with Lipton and 4 Paee bring yet another unique piece of art for you to enjoy – A cover of Alamgir’s ‘Keh Day Na’ labeled as Lipton’s Recipe of Brightness!

It’s something you would’ve never heard before!

“Playing with instruments is easy; what makes this piece of art unique the Music made from everyday objects – In this case, Lipton Tea Packs, Lipton Cup and Spoon to name a few – Now that’s called talent! We’re excited that finally brands are realizing the efficacy of Digital content which can potentially go viral, in this case Lipton. From where we started we’ve seen a lot in this direction ranging from the Uth records, Pepsi Smash, Cornetto Music Icons – and we love being the initiators of this revolution” says Adnan Butt, Director Walnut Media

Give it a hear and judge for yourself!
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