NESCAFÉ Basement Gives LUMinites a Night to Remember!


Continuing with the NESCAFÉ Basement Tour, the Group visited LUMS for another rocking night  This performance jelled in perfectly, in fact it was very much needed as many students had been attending seminar after seminar for the whole day as part of LUMS Marketing Colloquium 2013.

This performance was, however, rather special. Not only were the current students present, a large majority of LUMS Alumni were also invited. Therefore it was a slightly mature crowd, and the audience wasn’t the typical young university students they were used to performing in front of.

The show kicked off with Asfar and the gang’s smashing rendition of Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar. The band seemed slightly thrown-off as the crowd remained seated in orderly fashion even after the third song. It was time to bring in the big guns!

A saxophone-rich performance of the classic Babiya was exactly what the doctor had ordered. The audience participated encouragingly and they went into an extended version of the song as the crowd loved it.

The mood improved significantly after that as more students from across the campus got drawn to the sound of music, and the Alumni got off their seats and came up close to the stage to cheer the band on. The performance went on well into the night, and things finally wound down around 11PM.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and was grateful for such a pleasant end to the day.

“It’s important for such events and performances to happen on a regular basis here, as it breaks the monotony of studying and exams and the overall pressure, and gives us the opportunity to unwind a bit”, says Rabia, an MBA junior at LUMS.

Furqan, a LUMS Alumni, also appreciated the NESCAFE Basement performance. “Visiting this place once again and seeing all the familiar places took us all back to the good ol’ days when we used to hang out here for coffee and obsessed over case studies and whatnots, and the music certainly added color to the nostalgia. Great stuff!

For more information regarding the NESCAFÉ Basement tour, the artists, and the upcoming NESCAFÉ Basement 2013, you can check out NESCAFÉ’s official Facebook page. The recruitment for NESCAFÉ Basement 2013 is still going on, so if you think you have what it takes to be up there, feel free to submit your performance on their Facebook page.

Watch out some exclusive pictures from LUMS Alumbi Concert:

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