The Sketches! – Main Sufi Hoon (Music Video Review)


The Sketches! – Main Sufi Hoon (Music Video Review)

Originating from the vivacious city of Jamshoro, Sindh, the Sufi-pop-rock band The Sketches, comprising of vocalist Saif Samejo and guitarist Naeem Shah, has already climbed up the ladder of success in not just parts of Sindh but the entire Pakistan with popular hits such as Mandh Wai from Coke Studio season 4, Nind Nashe Vich, Rano and Raat.

(LEFT TO RIGHT) Adnan Kandhar, Abbas Jaffri, Suhaee Abro and Saif Samejo

In addition, The Sketches’ latest release Main Sufi Hoon has been nothing short of sensation: the video has had almost 3,000 shares on facebook and almost 6,000 likes in just 24 hours of its release. This boasts the prominence and preeminence of The Sketches’ work.

Audio-wise, “Main Sufi Hoon” is a product and an amalgamation of some of the best musicians Pakistan has to offer: on drums is Louis “Gumby” Pinto; lead guitarist Faraz Anwar of Mizraab fame, possibly one of the best guitarist of Pakistan; The Sketches’ own Naeem Shah on rhythm guitars; and the energetic Saif Samejo as vocalist.

While hearing the song, one could easily feel the vibe of the words and breathe into them. Lyrically, “Main Sufi Hoon” is a delight to the ears. “Main Sufi hoon sarmasta; mera kaun pihchane rastaa” (I am a Sufi and who knows my way?). Simply ecstatic. The dynamic voice of Saif Samejo and Naeem Shah’s magical work with guitars is also nothing short of a triumphant victory.

Directed by Adnan Kandhar, the video features the likes of Abbas Jaffri and Suhaee Abro roped-in spiritualistic roles, exploring the exquisite desert of Thar, doing soul-searching. According to the director, Main Sufi Hoon “is the journey of distinguished and unforgettable phase of human culture”.

The video, in particular, stands out as it fortuitously adheres to the principle of promoting Sufism in its strict sense with originality and concept. The guys behind VFX, Haroon Habib and Ghafar Muhiudin, also need a pat on their back for the Herculean task of bringing special effects’ galore with utmost sincerity and skills.

To sum up, “Main Sufi Hoon” is another milestone achieved by The Sketches; another feather in their cap. However, we must not forget that it is not something that could have pulled off individually. The song, undoubtedly, is a team effort.

Audio: 9/10; Video: 10/10

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