Haroon is the new ambassador of “Save the Children’s Every one Campaign”


Haroon becomes the campaign ambassador of Every One's Save the Childern campaign

Every human is born with the right to survive; later right to survive is taken away from many humans around. Many people went prey of materialism which ends up by leaving few on the bank of slashing river stream. Individuals and NGO’s have been working hard to protect those left outs. The sad fact of today’s society is that; big chunk of children’s are treated badly, live in slums and are ill of dangerous diseases.

Save the Children is among the list of few activist organizations who want to do well to the society. Save the Children have operations among many countries. Recently, on an event held in Islamabad the organization named popular singer “Haroon” as their campaigan ambassador for “Save the Children’s Every One Campaign”.

Haroon is among the few artists of Pakistan who are playing their part on the social well-being of Pakistan. The campaign is aimed to save children and mothers’ life by mobilizing thousands of people all across the world to support this cause. The event highlighted the need to make the health system stronger to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.

Haroon was formally introduced as Campaign Ambassador at the event. He spoke at the event and said:

“I would like to take this opportunity to pledge that as a Campaign Ambassador for Save the Children’s Every One Campaign, I will do all that is possible in my capacity to take forward the cause of maternal, newborn and child health in Pakistan. When I was approached to become an Ambassador, I didn’t hesitate to take up the assignment. This event has been very informative for me. I was shocked to learn that approximately 420,000 children under the age of five die every year often because they are wrongly given bottled milk and other breast milk substitutes instead of mother’s breast milk. It is very important that healthcare workers, hospitals and families are aware of the incredible benefits of breast feeding.”

The campaign “Every One” is aimed to include everyone in the society to play their role. The Every One campaign means that every one of us needs to play their part in spreading the message. This campaign will help save the lives of Pakistani children and help them in fulfilling their potential.

Donate generously for this cause : Save the Children Webiste
Below are the pictures from the event

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