The Sketches – Not Me Alone (Live Session Video)



Artist: The Sketches
Song: Not Me Alone (Live Session)
Poetry: Shaikh Ayaz
Composed: Jono Manson & The Sketches
Idea & Poetry Selection: Honourable Sassui Palijo (Minister Sindh Culture Department)

Take a listen to the song:

Watch live session video below:


تون چئين مَ ڪڇان
تون چئين مَ لڇان
پر توکان هڪڙي ڳالهه پُڇان
تون ڪنهن ڪنهن کي خاموش ڪندي
اعلان هزارين مان نه رڳو

شيخ اياز

Not Me Alone, Not Me Alone

Not Me Alone, Not Me Alone

They have died without their death, thousands of men, not me alone, not me alone.
In this world, O my country, thousands have gone crazy, not me alone, not me alone;

All night long eyes did not close and dew fell drop by drop,
If the morning cups its hand then,
In prison, there will be thousands, not me alone not me alone;

not me alone, not me alone

Not Me Alone, Not Me Alone

Not Me Alone, Not Me Alone

Why does the moon fill the world with poison,
In these last hours of the night,
thousands wonder, not me alone;

If you say so, I will neither tremble nor cry,
But now let me ask you: how many will you silence,
proclamations are thousands, not me alone;

Time will pass and our luck will turn,
This fire will rage all the more,
Thousands hopes, not me alone.

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