Main Sufi Hoon is a journey of unforgettable phase of the human culture : Adnan Kandhar


Main Sufi Hoon; a soulful project of The Sketches is getting popular day by day as the release of video comes nearer. The video features Saif Samejo & Naeem Shah from the band along with Suhaee Abro. The creative behind the video Adnan Kandhar shares his thoughts and explain the concept of the video.

Adnan Kandhar's words on Main Sufi Hoon

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MAIN SUFI HOON is the journey of distinguished and unforgettable phase of the human culture. It has been a phenomenal project of my career life and out of the ordinary word of dictionary for my soul. It came as a hope that I can achieve something. I have previously worked with The Sketches as well, and what I hold in high regard particularly for this band is its emphasis on ideas and no dishonor with professional work ethics.

I believe that director as solo can’t bring the life in his work and so it’s the team effort that gives the beauty to his thoughts, Main Sufi Hoon makes this statement more clear. Once the video is out you will realize how each character small or large interpreted the picture that was in my mind. Saif, Naeem, Shah Zaman, Abbas, Suhaee, Haroon bhai, Najeeb, even the villagers of Thar and their kids proposed the hand of friendship and roamed with us at every spot with enhanced love and care in their hearts. We were once again delighted with the hospitality of Sindh and its people either it was Thar, Jamshoro or Hyderabad. All the projects in general and Main Sufi Hoon in particular built my faith stronger on the fact that Sketches is exemplary and only band that is serious and dedicated to its soil, culture and youth. And if I start talking about this I would end up writing so much that you all will get tired reading of. On a very serious note having the edge of fame and still being down to earth is only in the will of THE SKETCHES!

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