Mein Hari Piya – Synopsis & Pictures (Press Release)


mein-hari-piya-synopsis-pictures-press-release (8)Mein Hari Piya: This is a soap that revolves around three families. One is of Jamiluddin, a retired and widowed banker who maintains his dignity living in his haveli with his three daughters and one son, although he is now cash-strapped. His oldest daughter is Nighat who has passed the age of marriage. Malika is the second-born and the protagonist of this soap. She is a final year student at the university. Her younger brother Sami has done his MBA but is jobless and his frustration is causing him to become aggressive. The youngest, Taalia is not interested in studies and is bold and happy-go-lucky person.

The other family in the neighborhood is of Hameedudin’s widow, Salma Bhabi. Their only son is a medical student and in love with Malika. The third family is that of the rich businessman, Taimur Malik, who travels a great deal.  His wife, Sarah rules the roost while his son Zawar who is married to his beautiful and proud cousin Aiza, looks after the business.  Aiza  and her brother Saadi are always involved in conspiracies and have the blessings of Sarah, as they are the children of her late brother for whose death her husband was responsible.

Watch out for this soap which is full of the fun of university life, the intrigues of big businesses, love and hatred.


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