Government should restore Youtube – Says Junaid Jamshed


Junaid Jamshed is  active in the news these days- first with his new project “Naya Pakistan“- with collaboration of Junoon, and now with his statement in favor of Youtube. It has been a while since govt banned youtube, which has badly affected the growth of Pakistani music industry. The ban of YouTube has been protested on Twitter and Facebook time and again by everyone from ordinary citizens to journalists and musicians in the past four months.

Govt Should Restore Youtube

Former Vital Signs Lead vocalist Junaid Jamshed spoke against the ban of youtube and said,“I think we have already made our point by banning it — now it should be restored immediatelyIt is a free medium of information for people and plays a pivotal role in religious education because a large number of people go on YouTube to read the Quran and other religious texts,” Jamshed elaborated his thoughts behind the favor.

Artist came up with different ways of protest, but a group started a moment named as YouTube Aloud. The group namely includes Omran Shafique, Hamza Jaafri and Usman Riaz.”YouTube Aloud is a social media page where we express our thoughts about how this ban is having a negative effect on society, Everything that I have learnt and achieved is a direct result of having a close connection to the online realm,”Said Riaz.

YouTube can be the reason I became a TED Fellow. I would have never had a chance to speak on the TED stage or perform with Preston Reed — the man whose videos I used to watch on YouTube when I first picked up the guitar — if I didn’t have access to YouTube,” Usman Added.

Among others, Zoe & Zohaib’s letter to Rehman Malik also protest against the ban.

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