Bull and Bakra – Rakha Hai Kiya (Audio Song)


bull and bakraArtist Biography

Bull and Bakra have sold over 200 million copies on blank CD-Rs in the famous rainbow center of Karachi and have performed at numerous unattended, cancelled, flop and mostly imaginary shows in the studio and at signal crossings and public toilets. Additionally they are extremely popular and famous for…. nothing.

Band’s Description

Originally found grazing and wandering around in the hot desert of Thar parkar, they were smuggled into a small Pakistani city named Hyderabad, only to be found again straying on the busy roads of Karachi. After successfully dodging the razor sharp knives of cruel butchers, the duo can now be found chewing on garbage in London.

Artist: Bull and Bakra

Song: Rakha Hai Kiya

Production, keys & electric guitars: Saad Hayat
Vocals, composition and rhythm: Saad Ali

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