Low Budget “Siyaah” To Hit the Cinemas Hard


Revival of Pakistani cinema industry is currently in progress. After “Khuda Ke Liye” and “Bol”, another small budget film Siyaah is expected to take the charge in its hands. The reports are out that an independent horror thriller by Azfar Jafri is ready to turn Pakistani cinema industry back to its the golden era.

While audiences should hold their breath as the film-makers promise that it will be a different experience. The director of the film said,”I am not a horror film director or anything, we don’t know how the critics or masses will take the film, but the way we have treated the film should make it as different as possible.” The film is expected to hit the cinemas on 15th of march.

Mr jafri talked about his thoughts behind the movie,”After I saw Omar Khan’s Zibahkhana, it really got me thinking; if one person can make a good quality film, then we can too. My goal was to create something different to show another side to Pakistani film-making. It is different from Zibahkhana and horror films from the ‘60s and ‘70s. It has suspense and drama — we have tried to create a balance of all the perfect ingredients.”

It seems as if Pakistani film makers have understood the mind set of the viewers, as Marketing manager of Cinepax Limited Mohsin Yaseen explains,”People don’t want to see dancing in the fields or things of that nature. The audience is much more sophisticated and comes prepared to watch a film after looking at trailers and reading reviews. We think that Siyaah provides that content.”

Watch out the Official Trailer of Siyaah the movie now:

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