Albela Rahi is Urdu version of a Spanish Tune “Guantanamera”


Coca Cola has been playing a great role in promoting Pakistani Music, since the launch of Coke Studio back in 2008. Nowadays, on every Pakistani channel, you will be hearing pop singer Alamgir‘s voice in the song “Albela Rahi” featuring in Coca Cola’s new ad. That cool and funky song “Albela Rahi” is actually a classic song of 80’s by Alamgir.

Alamgir Albela Rahi Copy

Albela Rahi is Alamgir’s debut song officially released in a musical program “Sunday Ke Sunday” in the year 1973. It was the time when music was too modern to be listened by the masses. Indeed, this debut song of Alamgir’s was a hit among the youth of that time.

Soon after the release of its revamped new version, rumors are spreading that the song is the copied version of a spanish tune “Guantanamera”(1929), but the actual fact is that the song is a cover version of this Spanish song and NOT the copied version. Source here

The latest version or Coke version of this song by Alamgir was released lately and if you haven’t listened to it, then what are you waiting for? Click here to enjoy the song.

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