Urdu1 channel Has The Rights to Show Turkish Serials


The trend of foreign dramas in pakistan has increased to a noticeable extent, some people are worried the by the middle of the ongoing year, the situation might get out of the hands. The rights of local artists are clearly being violated by the airing of foreign shows and dramas, as ww have seen a lot of Pakistani artists protesting at different levels as demanding their basic rights as an actor/actress.

Tuskish Dramas

A few days back Parliamentary panel took the notice of foreign content airing, the aim behind this notice is to prevent Pakistani media form foreign content, which includes, advertisements featuring foreign artists and the other and the most important is the Indian and Turkish Dramas. Urdu 1 channel, which was the first to air Turkish drama and worked as a trend setter is only the one who has spoken a word to defend these turkish Dramas. The channel also left a hope for other local channels to earn high rating using the same formula.

Faraz Ansari, an official of Urdu 1 channel said,”It is a foreign channel and according to rules and regulations set down by Pemra, 90 per cent of its programming has to have foreign content and only 10pc can be local. We make sure that the 10pc that we do air, we do so in our prime time so it gets the projection that it deserves, we entered the market on favorable payment terms. And we made sure that in every possible way that we are a positive change in the local drama and production industry.”

Mr. Ansari also explained about the vulgarity in Turkish Dramas, which has been taken into consideration and said,”There is nothing vulgar in the version you see on TV. We’ve edited it according to the policies of the Pakistani censor board. Excess skin that is shown is blurred as well.”

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