I Am a Bad Actor, Says Sara Loren


Sara Loren is not the only actress who has rebranded herself for film industry. Previously, controversy queen Veena Malik has also done he same. Despite of some artistic gifts that nature has bestowed sara Loren, which include melodious tone and stunning looks, her first Bollywood flick “Kajraare” was a complete flop. Luckily for Sara, Luck smiled back upon her and she was offered a contract for Murder 3, one of the most popular franchises in Bollywood.

bad Actor Says Sara Loren

The trailer of her upcoming movie has been out a while ago. which features Sara, romancing along with Randeep Hoda (some people might call him Randeep Honda ). As her latest offering might showed her on a global platform, acting remains her weakest link.

When Sara was asked for some words on her acting skills, she threw some light on her weakest point and said,”I know I am a bad actor, but I am learning how to act better with every film. I don’t mind if Kajraare was a failure, At least it was a step in the right direction.”

“To make a career in Bollywood, you need to play all sorts of roles. I hope and pray that I am able to deliver what is expected of me, because this is Mahesh Bhatt’s son Vishesh’s debut film and they both trust me,” said Sara. “In India, it’s the artist that matters, not his or her nationality. As long as you know your work, it pays off and is recognised,” she continued.



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