Usman Riaz used an illustration to describe Pakistan’s current situation


Usman Riaz is certainly the the most talented and rising young star in the Pakistani music industry these days. The talented musician recently got appreciated by Atif Aslam and also released a music video for his song ‘Ruckus’ which struck hard among the fans of Pakistani music. The news about Usman is like he has expressed his feelings  towards fanatical attacks and subsequent revolts in the country. The artist shared a photo which shows a bloodstained Pakistan flag with the crescent and star inverted to show a sad face,


The singer took Facebook as a sharing medium and shared an artwork with a description,”An illustration I made a while ago, sad that it is still relevant. I made this around two years ago, I don’t remember what happened exactly but it was for a school assignment. I posted it last night because it fits perfectly with the tone of what is happening…”

“It is really depressing. I don’t want to include politics in my work, but I just wanted to use this illustration to create awareness and show others what is happening. The bloody flag and sad face — it’s how people feel here in Pakistan,” Usman added.

It looks as if Usman is emotional towards the current sickness of Pakistan, but whatever he has drawn 2 years ago, sadly it fits perfectly and is still relevant to the ongoing condition of our beloved country. let us know your opinion about Usman’s illustration in comment section below.

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