Sahir Ali Bagga To Produce Music For Farooq Mengal’s Movie


Sahir Ali Bagga, A well known Pakistani music producer and singer, after achieving loads of applause for Cocktails Music is now expected to produce music for Farooq Mengal’s movie titled as “Hijrat”. Following the success of Cocktail, Bagga’s focus is to leave a deep mark on both Indian and Pakistani music industry; he intends to move forward with a couple of new projects.

Sahir Ali Bagga To Produce Music For Farooq Mengal's Movie

Talking about the movie, the tracks for “Hijrat” will be featuring vocals of some veteran musicians like, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, Imran Aziz, Ali Azmat and one by himself. Bagga is also planning to reach India to collaborate with some renown singers across the borders, which mainly includes Shreya Goshal and Mohit Chauhan.

Sahir revealed his point of view about the female singers of the country, and said, “Locally, we have to encourage female singers as the environment is now a positive one for them.” He ended the conversation by telling,“We have started to promote Mengal’s film and I think it will be a major film for Pakistan.””In terms of male vocals, I am pretty clear that there is no better country to look for talent, However, there is a shortage of female vocalists either when it comes to Pakistan,” Bagga added.




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