“Bring 1D To Pakistan” Trending on Twitter


Yes! This is pretty amusing that “Bring 1D to Pakistan” is actually trending on twitter today and the people who made it possible not only include Pakistanis but people belonging to other countries as well.

Bring 1D to Pakistan

1D or One Direction is an English-Irish boy band which consists of 5 members including Zayn Malik who belongs to Pakistan. It is noticed that every minute, numerous people are tweeting “Bring 1D to Pakistan” which is a bit unusual for a favor towards Pakistan. For Pakistanis it is impossible to call any World Famous foreign band or musician here directly but today it is proved that we can call whom we love by any mean.

So, today after #WazirEAzamNawazSharif, Bring 1D To Pakistan is trending on twitter in Pakistan. And if the pace of tweets is continued, it may also Top the twitter trends in Pakistan. No response has been observed from any official , but let’s wait for some time and we’ll see if anyone responds to this action by Pakistanis as it may also soon trend in the whole world.

If you also want to support this twitter trend, just write “Bring 1D to Pakistan” and tweet it up thru your twitter account.


Update: Paki Directioners at twitter.com/OneDirectionPK who started the campaign , now claims that they did trend worldwide as well. No screenshot or proof of that is available though.

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