Ayesha Omar Tries to Clarify Herself


Just two episodes of drama “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” have passed and the Play has fell into the controversy. The reason behind the controversy is Ayesha omar, who is wearing a t-shirt with an imprinted image popping as “Little miss jihad” and an image of a cartoon (Women with burqa) with a Bomb on its back. For some, the issue means a lot, according to them she had tried to spoil the meaning of jihad. While in contrary to this, their is a group of people who are saying that the issue is of no use, as the celebrities don’t care what people are thinking about them.

The play no doubt is great entertainment, but personally i think that the director and his team has gone overboard. Ayesha has decided to tell the story herself, and its good to say that our actors do care about public’s opinion. Here is what Ayesha has said,


From her statement its is apparent that she wanted to change her shirt before recording, but the rest of the crew and the director had allowed her to keep wearing it, thinking it only a cartoon which will go unnoticed. But the thing didn’t went according to their plan. Ayesha is blaming her on set seniors, that they should have known better about the matter.

Some critics are saying that she should accept her mistake instead of blaming others, as she is in the industry for more then 10 years and she isn’t a beginner. Some lines in the statement shows that she is very much oppressed with peoples abusive behaviour towards her, and according to her, they should judge themselves before saying something about others.


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