Indian music industry can help Pakistani, says Komal Rizvi


Pakistani Versatile and multi talented singer Komal Rizvi has said that indian well developed and vibrant music industry can help its counterpart pakistani music industry to groom next generation musicians to express their singing skills. Komal is known for her exclusive pop and sufi singing and she has never failed to impress.

Komal has just launched her album under the tag of Saregama India Ltd.,one of India’s leading flagship Music and Entertainment Company. The new album is formed of 8 fresh compositions and 4 music videos. Expectation towards the albums are high as always, as she has never ceases to enthral her fans. The jazz music trained Rizvi employs the ‘neo qawwali’ sound in her eight tracks, encompassing different genres of music that reflect her varied inspirations and styles with underlying Sufi influence.

“I am inspired from every little thing. I am not religious but spiritual and my connection with Sufi is very strong. The album is a mix of songs- jazz, dance, light music and hip-hop- that reflect my style and expressions,” said Komal.

The singer is currently staying in india, where she will perform in Delhi and Calcutta to promote her new songs. Komal also expressed her thoughts, when she was asked for a word about being a pakistani female singer, she said,” I want to be known as Pakistan’s own ‘Komal’ and am sure I’ll be accepted in both Pakistan and India. Pakistani artists, whatever we do, we do it with a clear conscience. I feel that while Pakistan’s smaller music industry allows a certain freedom for artists to collaborate and multi-task, India’s professionalism and huge market could pull up Pakistan‘s music industry.”


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