The Reality of Ishq-e-Mamnoo


There was a time in the country when people used to spend their night together in front of the television to watch Indian drama serials. Fearing that the situation might get out of hand because of the negative impact on the society and the youth, PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority) made the wise decision of banning Indian drama serials from the face of the television of Pakistan.

Reality of Ishq-e-Mamnoo

However, with Indian drama serials gone, there came the invasion of Turkish drama serials. A New Pakistani channel Urdu 1 now displays Turkish drama serials which are dubbed in Urdu language. Shows such as ‘Isabel Meri Aakhri Mohabbat’ and ‘Ishq-e-Mamnoo’ have gathered much attention from the audience and has now become the new trend.

However, some may argue that the Turkish drama serial ‘Ishq-e-Mamnoo’ is no less than the Indian drama serials when it comes to making a negative impact as the show features a woman forming relationships with other men after marriage. The depiction of protagonist Bihter having an affair with her nephew is observed as highly outrageous by many as arguments have emerged about the feeling that PEMRA should give the same fate to the show as those of the Indian drama serials. Despite the insane popularity of the show, we, as Pakistanis, should never compromise ethical and moral values.

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