‘Niqab’ by Yasir & Jawad (Review)

The boys from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are back with their much awaited song ‘Niqab’ – a reflection of a poem penned down by Ghani Khan with the aim of highlighting existentialism. “It is very experimental and at places you might find it to be pointless,” states rhythm guitarist Jawad Iqbal. “But all of the absurdity is intentional; for all the videos after ‘Niqab’ we will not feature band performance; we will play around with visuals surrounding a single theme instead.”

Starting with mesmerizing Rabab, lead vocalist Wali Aurakzai makes his move with captivating but deadly vocals signifying the vitality about worries, tensions and other problems. The music video is beautifully shot which warns about depression, cocaine, smoking and being better than the individuals who resort to such habits by facing the realities of life and failures. “We wanted to stay away from clichéd themes like romanticism in Pashto poetry and that is why we chose a piece in which Ghani is looking for answers to different complicated questions in life,” says Iqbal.

The music video for the song is edited and directed by Mian Abdur Rehman whereas the direction of photography is managed by Mudassir Ali Khan along with Mian Abdur Rehman, the music production and the video production is managed by veteran Zeeshan Parwez and MASH respectively. Overall, the song was absolutely an amazing one.

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