Haseena Moin Disappointed over Pakistani Dramas


There is a great difference between entertainment and vulgarity. The latter might be a harsh word to be used. However, many may not even settle for the mentioned term as over the years, much criticism and discouragement have been observed against the television drama serials of the country. Fearing that the shows are no longer being utilized for the sake of entertainment and in fact, highlighting negative messages to the youth, legendary Pakistani dramatist Haseena Moin has expressed her disappointment over the declining status of the country’s drama serial.

The big name from the Pakistani entertainment industry complains about the fact that the drama serials are taken too much seriously and emotionally by the housewives of the country; which has succeeded in spreading a lot of negativities among not only the youth but also the adults.

As far as the language is concern, Haseena Moin is distraught from the fact that the dialogue in the drama serials are far from anything close to politeness as a lot of abusive language can be observed from watching few shows; which has ultimately made it OK to talk trash in the society. May the state of the country’s drama serials improve soon.

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