Ali Gul Pir to Release New Song ‘Taroo Maroo’


You cannot get a hotter rising star in the Pakistani music industry these days other than former comedian and now better known as Rap singer, Ali Gul Pir. The man redefined the word ‘saeen’ and took it to a level beyond imaginable. That was not the stop for the roller coaster in which Ali Gul Pir was sitting as he later on released a new song titled ‘Tum Hi To Ho Saeen’. The song was Ufone’s tribute to the Pakistani cricket fans and as it featured Wasim Akram making his debut as a rapper. As of late, the singer has plans to release a new song titled ‘Taroo Maroo’.

“I am not a musician; I am a comedian,” states Ali while revealing the fact that his upcoming song will also have a funny tone to it. “I have a talented group of musicians with me; this video is an extension of my comedy.” Serious when it comes to jokes, Ali also revealed, “Even if I ever do a song for ‘Coke Studio,’ it will always have a funny element.”

“A man who works all day needs entertainment. When there is a bomb blast that working man dies, we don’t die,” says Ali. Intrigued about his latest project, the comedian-turned-singer explained, “If something is good and if it comes from an honest source, it will work out no matter how unconventional it is.”


Updated on 6th December 2012: Taroo Maroo Released Now. To watch music video CLICK HERE

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