Top 6 Controversies Against Atif Aslam


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6. A recent controversy created by Indian media against Atif Aslam was that when he was in India he was eager to meet Veena Malik due to some reason. Veena Malik went missing that time so Atif Aslam could not meet her. The Indian media said he was apparently looking for Veena to ask her how she tackles and manages flood of controversies.

Atif Aslam and Veena Malik

Well! We don’t know if he really wanted to meet Veena or not but we know one thing that Atif Aslam don’t give a DAMN to low standard stars like Veena. Seriously, that was a FAIL attempt from Indian media.

5. Another top controversy surrounded Atif after the release of “Tere Liye” from the movie Prince. People criticized its lyrics especially the line “Chor di khudayi mene tere liye”. The track also had another version where Quran’s verses were used with Music

Atif Aslam in prince movie

They thought this was something against their religion but Atif Aslam responded to this controversy and said:

Heard abt ppl talking abt mA new
song frm prince .. first ov all i would like u guys to
knw tht whenever a song is recorded for the playback
film in the studio , the singer only gets to sing on the
rough track (i.e the music is just used as a reference
which is certainly not the final track when it is being
recorded in the studio ). In addition to tht, only the
music director has the right to put in the music(i.e the
way film director and producer wants to) . so ppl if
there is any such version which is against ma religion is
offcourse and vill never be supported. Simple

To read Atif’s full statement: Click Here


4. Before the release of his 1stalbum “Jal Pari” Gohar Mumtaz accused Atif of copying his own album’s name. Later then, Atif Aslam cunningly changed the name of his album to “Jal Pari”. Jal’s and Jal Pari’s songs shared resemblance which also created copyright problems.

Atif Aslam, Shahbaz Aslam and Goher Mumtaz

The reason why Atif Aslam left Jal band was that he wanted his brother to be the manager of the band. On the other hand, Goher Mumtaz wanted his brother to do the same. This created disputes and consequently resulted in Atif leaving the band.


3. Atif Aslam and Roxen band’s Mustafa Zahid’s rivalries were coming up. In the meantime another website posted a news which titled “Atif Aslam Snubs Emraan Hashmi”.

Atif Aslam snubs Emraan Hashmi

In the detail, they stated, in Nadia Khan’s breakfast show, he criticized Emraan Hashmi. The host asked him “ if Bollywood film offers meant he would become as big as Emraan Hashmi?”Atif Aslam quipped, “’Ek achha replacement toh soch liya hota na? Kara di na meri chutti”.


2. Now comes the “Atif’s engagement rumor”. Yes! And popular TV channels like Dunya TV and Kalam TV gave this news that Atif Aslam has been engaged to Sara Bharwana without even confirming it.

Atif Aslam and Sara bharwana

According to KoolMuzone, the news came from a reliable source. Well! The controversy was ended when Atif Aslam denied this rumor.


1. This is one of the most deadly rumors and controversies ever made against Atif Aslam “The Death Rumor of Atif Aslam”. Yes, no one knows from where this started but many popular blogs gave news regarding this and mention several reasons i.e. backbone injury, throat cancer. Actually what happened exactly was that Atif during a concert fell down and got back injury. He was taken to the nearest hospital which was a Cancer hospital. So, this is how it all started.

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