Pakistan Parliament Calls for Ban on Ads Featuring Bollywood Actresses


The title says it all – A job well done by the Pakistan Parliament. Bravo! Salutes to you! We have actresses in our very country so why is there need of having the faces of every other Indian actress on the billboards? Are our entertainment personnel inferior, that’s why? Whatever the reason may be, the Pakistani Parliament has reached a decision of banning any sort of advertisement which features a Bollywood actress in it. Not only that, but they also made it compulsory for the female news anchors to cover their heads with a dupatta while being on air – an outstandingly good and a responsible decision by the parliament.

The wise decision was made by the Standing Committee for Information and Broadcasting of the National Assembly or lower house of parliament while attending a meeting involving none other than the Information Minister, Qamar Zaman Kaira. Looks like that it will be the last time we will be seeing Katrina Kaif drinking a sip of Slice mango juice or seeing the newlyweds Saif and Kareena engaging in a petty argument.

As a true Pakistani, this is a matter of pride as the parliament has made an extremely wise decision. Considering how vital and rich the country’s culture is, we should not only implement it but also follow it instead of being attracted to the outsiders – the very reason for we being known as a separate nation.

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