20 Things You Didn’t Know About Atif Aslam


1. Atif Aslam first performed at a fancy dress show when he was in 1st class. He dressed as the captain of Pakistan Cricket Team “Imran Khan”.

2. Atif Aslam was the youngest boy among his classmates in Kimberly Hall and completed his 10th grade at the age of 14. An average person completes his 10th grade in 15-16 years.


3. Atif Aslam’s parents wanted him to become a doctor. Instead, he did computer engineering and according to him he sucked at it. His parents came to know about his singing from his friends.


4. In Teenage, Atif Aslam’s favorite book was Dad’s cheque book, favorite TV shows were Mr Bean and Voltron series and favorite movie was T2.


5. Atif did his FSC from PAF Inter College Lahore and holds only a Bachelor degree.


6. Atif Aslam belonged to a Middle-class family and is an inspiration for many young boys belonging to this status class.


7. Atif Aslam’s first performance in any competition was for Independence Day function at his college in the year 1998. His friends encouraged him to participate. Later, he won the competition.


8. According to Atif, if he wasn’t a singer, he would have been a cricketer.

Atif Aslam playing cricket


9. Atif Aslam loves making sketches? In an interview when he was asked about his “hidden talents” he said that he is also very good at sketching.

“I also observe people very well. In fact, that’s how I make friends. I can actually look into someone’s eyes and know what they want” he revealed in the same interview.

atif aslam brothers shahzad shahhbaz and sheraz


10. Atif Aslam has 3 brothers and is the youngest of them. His eldest brother is Shahzad who is a photographer, younger than Shahzad is Shahbaz who designs Atif’s clothes and then Sheraz who runs Atif‘s fan page and website.


11. Atif left Jal because he wanted his brother to be the manager of the band. On the other hand, Goher’s brother also wanted to become the manager. This created disputes and consequently Atif left the band.


12. Atif Aslam is the youngest ever Pakistani to receive “Tamgha-e-Imtiaz”.


13. Atif Aslam is considered as one of the best vocal belters. On his this quality, a rumor was also spread in 2009 that Atif Aslam is suffering from throat cancer.

atif aslam blood veins


14. Another rumor also came that Atif Aslam didn’t sing the song Aadat himself; he bought the album for 6 Lac Rupees.


15. Atif sang 4 songs for the movie Prince. It is the highest number of tracks ever sung by Atif for any Bollywood movie.


16. Atif Aslam has recently been awarded for Brandlaureate International Brand Personality Award in Malaysia.


17. Atif’s Aslam’s dream band would have Chris Cornell, Chris Martin and John Mayer.


18. According to Atif, his face’s best feature is the “Evil Smile”.


19. Atif Aslam’s on-stage rock star move is “The backward bend”. Notice him next time when you attend his concert.


20. Atif Aslam’s favorite TV show is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It is considered as one of the most popular TV shows in British/American entertainment industry.

atif aslam friends

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